Welcome to Harlem Sport Tours


Harlem Tours is a leading Cape Town based tour operator working towards creating a new community and global village in which the diversity and strengths of historical journeys, unique cultures, languages, musical dance and art traditions, and racial identities, are explored, celebrated and preserved through exchanges, tours and shared journeys.


Harlem Tours facilitates community-engaged, historically-connected, culturally focussed, sport-oriented, experiential walking and sporting tours and home visits in the township communities of Cape Town, with specific focus on the community of Langa. Through these visits and tours Harlem Tours seeks to create deeper insight and understanding of the diversity, historical realities, economic context, and cultural strengths of people living in communities such as Langa. The impact of Harlem Tours work is also intended to uplift the whole community and to create economic development opportunities in the community.


Conduct tours and visits for visiting sports groups, tour groups, families, local schools and individuals, that will include some of or all of:

  • Sporting matches against teams from the community and other communities.
  • Walking tours with local people as hosts and guides.
  • Meals in local restaurants sampling local cuisine prepared by award-winning local chefs.
  • Visits into homes of local residents to share stories and form friendships.
  • Visits to local historical sites, cultural centres, and museums.
  • Visits to local schools and educational projects.
  • Integrated visits, matches, events, and engagements with other communities in and around Cape Town.
  • Focus on developing partnerships and associations for future engagement and support for community development and opportunity creation.